Branching out!

November 17, 2012

As you can tell by the amt I blog, I seem to be one busy or distracted women! Life is so full, something had to change to allow me to fulfill my so called bucket list. My amazing children have given me 5 little reasons to make a big leap! Stitchin’ Sisters has a new sis who will now call the business hers and share her passion and designs to connect with women and allow them to use their God-given talents.  I, with a big push off the branch, decided to sell the business with an option to still design and promote the mission of Stitchin’ Sisters. It will allow me to travel during my retirement from nursing, and spend time with my grand children, aging parents, and hopefully make a trip or two to Africa to encourage and teach new skills and designs to my sisters there. Your new  Stitchin’ Sister, Cheryl  and I became acquainted years ago at a quilt retreat and knew we were kindred spirits from the start. although our lives only touched briefly throughout the years, I knew she was the right person to take over SS and give it her spin. It was a most difficult decision as this little cottage business has enriched me by the wonderful people who bought and sewed my patterns and shared their stories,by the partners who helped me learn the ropes and supported the distribution of my patterns. The biggest blessing however was the way God used my littlest pattern Snap Happy to bless my African sisters at Amani Ya Juu. Seeing how God can even use a measuring tape to bless and change lives! So with sweet memories of all the blessings and the enrichment Stitchin Sisters has provided I pass it on to another who will in turn enjoy all it has to give,even sitting up at night stuffing patterns and having a mistake slip by on a pattern and finding out after printing! Please welcome Cheryl enjoy her wonderful designs and creativity,and on occasion find something I just couldn’t help creating. Rosemary

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