Sew, how’s retirement?

July 19, 2011

Wow it’s been forever since I have blogged and even had forgotten how! Retirement brain. It is amazing how long it takes to adjust to a new routine! After 40 years of nursing and juggling time ,having it can cause panic! So much I want to do  and how do I do it all! Of course I miss my wonderful nursing colleagues but oh how I love sleeping late,enjoying a long morning coffee, traveling to visit friends and dashing off to be with my grand babies! Now I know why they are called grand,just can’t get enough of them and now my oldest daughter and son in law are blessing us with another!

I finally dug into cleaning my sewing studio,uf da. It took a week! Where did all those unfinished projects come from?

You know it is very freeing to give away fabric you no longer love and even projects knowing they will become charity quilts. I even shampooed the carpet and changed the room around. Love it!

Then tackled the office,fun to find a lot of archives of my pattern business.

Then for an adventure,I bought an I-pad with my retirement bonus who would have thought! But I love it for pictures, checking e-mail, web surfing,face book and music. It has a nice hard case but a quilter needs a handle ,so to the studio to design. I used a great fabric called Roc- lon multi- purpose fabric for the batting and made a snap happy closure and a grab it handle. It turned out terrific if I say so myself. It met approval at quilt club and now it is in the test phase. Coming soon,anyone with a cool name?  Till later, going to brave the heat of 90+

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