Whew, 2013 was a busy year!

February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014

It has been way too long since I last blogged!  Between the business, babysitting grandchildren, and life in general, time seems to have gotten away from me. 

My husband and I are now proud grandparents of four granddaughters.  The oldest will be 4 years old in May, her twin sisters are now 16 months old, and our youngest granddaughter will celebrate her 1st birthday in a couple of weeks.  My, how blessed we are; it has been such a joy to spend time with all of our little girls!

At Stichin’ Sisters, we designed 9 new patterns for the Spring International Quilt Market.  Late last summer Rosemary and I were invited to attend our largest distributor’s open house – we were thrilled!  Two new patterns were created for this event:  “You Name It” (a gadget bag) and “A Quilter’s Pack N Play” (a bag to hold cutting mats, rulers, etc.).  While there, we enjoyed meeting several other designers; the event brought in several hundred quilt shop owners from around the country.  We truly appreciate their business.  In September we attended the Wisconsin Quilt Expo and worked in a booth run by a friend of ours who owns “Vogies Quilts & Treasures” (visit their website at www.vogies.com).  After that, two more patterns were created for Fall International Quilt Market – “I’d Be Quiltin’ II” (a large tote) and “Snap, Crackle, Hot” (a “snap bag” to store hair irons or a mini iron).

Yes, 2013 was a busy year!

Rosemary and her husband are spending some time in a warmer climate this winter (lucky)! Prior to their departure we spent a few days together in early January and are currently working on 4 to 5 new patterns for the Spring International Quilt Market.  Watch for them to become available on our website catalog by early- to mid-May.

The winter of 2013-2014 has been a brutal one here in the Midwest – cold and snowy.  The only good thing about the cold is that it has provided for extra stitchin’ time.  I have an amazing group of friends who have been gathering to stitch on a regular basis.  This certainly keeps our hearts and hands warm during these cold winter months.  Hope your winter days have provided for extra stitchin’ time also!


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